Donghai Xia

Tidal Flats of Xiapu and Other Subjects

Donghai Xia (b. 1962) is a well known photographer in China. He has been published numerous times and his work has been in many exhibitions. He lives in Fujian province, and has made many images of the tital flats of Xiapu, a small town on the southest coast. In addition, his versatile work also covers other subject matter, as one can see below.

He makes archival pigment prints on Hahnemühle paper, image size approximately 12 x 18 inches (30 x 45cm.),
and 15 x 15 inches (38 x 38 cm.) for square formatted images, signed on verso, edition of 30: $750.
Please add $40 for a 20 x 26 inch (50 x 65 cm.) mat and $30 for
UPS ground U.S. shipping. (See bottom of page to purchase.)

Larger sizes:
20 x 20 inch (50 x 50 cm.) and 20 x 30 inch (50 x 75 cm.) image sizes: $1,100
24 x 24 inch (60 x 60 cm.) and 24 x 36 inch (60 x 90 cm.) image sizes: $1,500
30 x 30 inch (75 x 75 cm.) and 30 x 45 inch (75 x 114 cm.) images sizes: $2,000
Shipping and matting extra

Donghai Xia, A Pastoral Life

A Pastoral Life, August, 2011

Donghai Xia, Spring Tea Market

Spring Tea Market, March, 2018

Donghai Xia, Busy Market

Busy Market, March, 2014

Donghai Xia, Tea Exchange

Tea Exchange, March, 2014

Donghai Xia, Red Persimmons

Red Persimmons in the Village, 2017

Donghai Xia


Donghai Xia, Thousand Sails

Thousand Sails, 2006

Donghai Xia, Untitled

Blue Tides, 2017

Donghai Xia, Tides Melody

Tides Melody, 2011

Donghai Xia, Net Waltz

Net Waltz, 2013

Donghai Xia, The Quiet Moment

The Quiet Moment, 2016

Donghai Xia, Low Tide fishing

Low Tide Fishing, 2006

Donghai Xia, Sprng Tides

Spring Tides

Donghai Xia, Sea Maze

Sea Maze-Tidal Flat, 2013

Donghai Xia, Summer Kelp Harvest

Summer Kelp Harvest, 2006

Donghai Xia, Evening Fishing

Evening Fishing, 2011

Donghai Xia, Fallas Seaweed Harvest

Fall Seaweed Harvest. 2015

Donghai Xia, Tidal Harvest

Tidal Harvest, 2006

Donghai Xia, The Lonely Fisherman

The Lonely Fisherman, 2007

Donghai Xia, The Sea Farm

The Sea Farm, 2006

Donghai Xia, Sea Adagio

Sea Adagio, 2011

Donghai Xia, Traversing the Waves

Traversing the Waves, 2013

Donghai Xia, Seeking Passage

Seeking Passage, 2006

Donghai Xia, The Lines

The Lines 2006

Donghai Xia, The Rhythm of the Ink

The Rhythm of the Ink, 2011

Donghai Xia, Sea Sketch

Sea Sketch, 2015

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