Welcome to the Afterimage Gallery website. We are located in Dallas, Texas and are one of the oldest art galleries in the world devoted to photography. This is our 46th year of operation. We provide a large variety of photography at a wide range of prices.

George Tice, Two Amish Boys
Two Amish Boys, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1962

George Tice at 80: A Retrospective




Some Classic Prints
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Wynn Bullock, Child on Forest Road
Wynn Bullock, Child on Forest Road

Philippe Halsman, Dali Atomicus
Philippe Halsman, DalĂ­ Atomicus

Bill Brandt, Nude (Bent Elbow)
Bill Brandt, Nude (Bent Elbow)

Jerry Uelsmann, Apocalypse II
Jerry Uelsmann, Apocalypse II (vintage print)

Eliot Porter, Pool in a Brook
Eliot Porter, Pool in a Brook

Gordon Park, Pace de la Concorde
Gordon Parks, Place de la Concorde

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New Work

Donghai Xia, The Sea Farm
Donghai Xia
David Osborn, Monastery, Wuttemburg, Germany
David Osborn

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